Alliance Brew Gear™ Cold Brew Home Brewer PLA Filters – 25 pack


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Value: Alliance Brew Gear™ is the clean winner when it comes to choosing a cold brew filter. Since we manufacture them in the US, shipping and inventory storage costs are low, so you pay a fair, low price!
After all, who wants to pay a lot of money for something that gets discarded after one use?

Tree-friendly: Our high-quality home brewer size cold brew filters are made of PLA (polylactic acid), a biopolymer material derived from annually grown plants like corn. That means that no trees are harmed
when making these filters!

Clean: These premium filters have a neutral odor and taste, so the only flavor in your cold brew is what you put into it! Thanks to the uniform woven design, they provide smooth flow-through for consistent
cold brew batch after batch. The web-like silky material traps fines and bitter acids while letting the
delicious cold brew extraction come through.

Strong: PLA heat-sealed seams are more robust than heat-seal paper, which makes them far more tear-resistant than other filters. Thicker than traditional paper filters, they can stand up to a wet batch of
grounds. Home brewer filters are easily lifted and discarded once the cold brew is strained. Clean up is
simple and easy!

Compatible: Alliance Brew Gear™ Home Brewer PLA Cold Brew Filters are compatible with the leading cold brewers:

  • Toddy® Cold Brew Coffee System1
  • Filtron® 30L Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewing System2
  • Cold Pro® Jr. by Brewista® Cold Brew System3
  • The OXO Good Grips® Cold Brew Coffee Maker4

Features & Benefits

  • Made in the USA with imported materials
  • Works with the leading home cold brewers
  • 100% renewable materials with no wood pulp
  • Does not alter or influence taste
  • Exclusively made with plastic free biopolymer PLA
  • Manufactured in registered clean room environment
  • Basket-weave pattern ensures consistent saturation and flow-through

1Toddy® is a registered trademark of Toddy, LLC Limited Liability Corporation Colorado. These products are not endorsed by Toddy®.
2 Filtron® is a registered trademark of Same Day Distributing, Inc. Corporation California.  These products are not endorsed by Same Day Distributing, Inc.
3 Brewista® and Cold Pro® are registered trademarks of Eternal East (HK) Ltd. Corporation Hong Kong. These products are not endorsed by Eternal East (HK) Ltd. or Smartco International.
4 OXO Good Grips® is a registered trademark of Helen of Troy Limited Corporation, Barbados.  These products are not endorsed by Helen of Troy Limited Corporation.

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