Alliance Brew Gear™ PLA AeroFilters


  • Perfectly sized for the AeroPress®1
  • Made in the USA with imported materials
  • 100% renewable materials with no wood pulp
  • Does not alter or influence taste
  • Exclusively made with plastic free biopolymer PLA
  • Manufactured in registered clean room
  • Basket-weave pattern ensures consistent flow-through
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Alliance Brew Gear™ PLA AeroFilters®1 are the perfect replacement for standard AeroPress paper filters.

Every Alliance Brew Gear™ high-quality PLA (polylactic acid) filter is made from a biopolymer material derived from annually grown plants like corn. That means that no trees are harmed when making these filters!

They have a neutral odor and taste, so the only flavor in your coffee is what you put into it! Thanks to the uniform woven design, they provide reliable flow-through for consistently smooth coffee. The web-like silky material traps fines and bitter acids while letting the delicious flavors come through.

1AeroPress® is a registered trademark of AeroPress, INC Corporation of California. These products are not endorsed by AeroPress®.
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
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